About Our Company


Welcome to our store!

We would like to introduce ourselves as a store that believes in stocking up on plus sized clothes in all varieties. We have garments in all sizes. We also have accessories that go on with such garments and we are here right in the middle of the city.

Our prices are oh so reasonable:

When you walk into our store, you will see no fancy furniture or display. You will also not see any kind of mannequin business and real hard selling by our executive who manage our sales. But what you will see instead is a great variety of clothes and footwear and the paraphernalia. Everything there is in its natural glory. This is precisely why we are able to keep our range of clothes affordable. Our prices are in tab only because we do not believe in fancy interiors and oh so showy attitude.

We believe clothes can accentuate your personality:

Yes, we earnestly believe in the adage that clothes makes a person but we don’t see why we must make our clothes become costlier just because we decide to do up a fancy interior in our store or how the absence of such an interiors can belittle the superb collection of clothes that we have with us.

Shop with us and reap seasonal benefits:

When you shop with us, you are showing commitment to a lot of projects that are started by our organization for the welfare of the society. Every season, we come out with our latest collection in plus sized clothes and if you are a patron, you get the exclusive right to have the first dekko of the entire range before anyone else is allowed in to the store. Which means that you are given the first chance to shop before the size you would want gets picked up by someone else.

Discounts and offers for loyalists:

Yes you heard it right. If you shop with us on five or more occasions within a period of six months, you stand a guaranteed chance to earn an additional discount of 15 percent on your next bill. What’s more, you will not have to preserve the invoices either and produce before us, we will assign you a unique number and your purchases will be saved on to our database using that unique key code.

Well then, happy shopping!


I guess you cannot have everything, so no experience to touch and the feel the dress I guess we cannot get everything! Okay, Susie, next season online shopping it will be!!


Put the summer season behind you and focus on our versatile winter pieces that will surely keep heads turning!

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